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Online poker is a force to be reckoned with: Online gambling is becoming increasingly popular on a global scale, but we are confident when we say that no other game has been able to reach such a relevant status and massive popularity as online poker. Poker itself is an absolutely iconic game, and it’s newer online incarnation enjoys the same remarkable reputation. Why is online poker so popular? Well, there are many reasons: every player has his / her own set of motivations, dreams and aspirations, but we can safely say that the greatest appeal of poker is that it isn’t simply a game of chance and sheer luck: the game requires personality, strategy and technique, more so than in real-life poker!

With such premises, online poker has finally become widely accepted everywhere around the world. Online Casinos are now safer, regulated by the governments (at least in most countries) to insure a secure gaming experience.

South Africa is home to a many online casinos. Some of them actually enjoy popularity on a global scale, catering to customers and aficionados all over the world. Although gambling has been heavily controlled and restricted by the South African government through the decades, but in the early 1990s, when the democratic government finally rose to power, the situation became a lot better. 

According to reports, the country has been home to over 2 thousands illegal casinos, although things changed when the government legalized all forms of gambling.

Online Poker in South Africa

In spite of this, things took a step back in recent years, when online gambling started to become more and more common. As recently as 2004, all forms of online gambling (yes, that includes our beloved online poker!) were absolutely forbidden and illegal. Several attempts to amend this legislation and turn online gambling into a legal business have been made. To this day, the question of online gambling remains a big question mark, and the government still seems really reluctant to liberalize it, particularly because of the pressure of the “land-based” gambling lobbyist and anti-money laundering operators.

If you are a South African online poker player, don’t get discouraged! In spite of the government’s hard fist, there are many online-based communities that support players with information, tools, platforms and resources. You just have to take a look around!

Gambling money on sports event has been growing in popularity all over the world for decades. There are plenty of people that enjoy the rush they get from winning money by betting on a sports event, and since so many people enjoy this feeling, plenty of bookies (or people that take bets and payout to the winners) have set up shop near many of the popular sports arenas. Depending on the sport and the amount of money that is bet on the particular game, it is possible to receive up to five times the original amount of money that was bet, causing the betting industry to become even more popular with much of the world. This article will focus on the different sports that are popular in South Africa, as well as the current legality of gambling online and the prevailing betting habits of the South African population.

There is a very large sports following in South Africa, and many of the attendees of these sports events enjoy betting money on the outcome of the games. The most popular sports event that South Africa offers is soccer, with thousands of fans attending each and every game, and a large percentage betting money on the events. Cricket is the second most popular sport in South Africa, especially among the British diaspora and Indian South African communities. The third most popular sports event for the nation is Rugby, which is was originally only popular with citizens of Afrikaner descent, but now draws thousands of fans from other races as well. 

The following is a variety of other sports that are bet on by South Africans as well: Athletics (Running,) basketball, canoeing, chess, cycling, golf, motor sports, swimming, tennis, boxing, and mixed martial arts. With such a variety of different sports available to the area, it isn’t hard to see why betting has become so popular for South Africans.

Currently, there are a few types of online gambling services that are available to South Africans. Gambling online was restricted for many years by the South African government, but recently there has been amendments made that allow each of South Africa’s nine provinces to have their own gambling and racing boards. In order for these websites to offer gambling services, the online betting bookies have to obtain a license through one of the boards that have been placed of the provinces. The Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board (or WCGRB) is currently the largest provider of online bookmaker licenses that are supplied to the online betting bookies that offer online gambling. The board currently has 32 separate online bookmakers active, making them the largest provider of gambling licenses, and the largest reason that South African citizens can use these online gambling sites legally.

Online bets that allow users to gamble on horse races deduct a 6% tax to cover the VAT. In May 2012, another amendment was made so that no additional tax over this 6% is charged to betters, and the winnings of the gambling are not consider income when filing taxes. Although sports betting is currently legal online (for the sites that are licensed,) the National Gambling Act of 2004 prohibits interactive gambling services (such as online casinos) as well as engaging in interactive games that bet money. Interactive gambling sites are sites that offer games such as poker, bingo or other types of casino games. The National Gambling Amendment Act of 2008 was supposed to change this, and legalize interactive gambling sites and their use for South African residents, and provide for the regulation of the online gambling market in an effort to bring money to the government. This Act never came into power however, as the land-based gambling houses and anti-money laundering authorities spoke out against it.

On August 20, 2010 online gambling through the use servers and sites that are located outside of South Africa was banned as well, making interactive gambling online completely illegal for residents of South Africa. The only exception to this law is the use of online gambling sites that are licensed to take bets on horse races, and online sports betting.

The laws that have made the use of interactive online gambling sites illegal may have forced the number of interactive gamblers to dwindle, but the sports betting world in South Africa is still thriving. There are plenty of different opportunities both online and at the events to place bets, and many of the South African residents are taking advantage of this. There are currently plenty of South Africans who are speaking out against the prohibition of interactive online gambling, but there are currently no Acts that have been proposed that will legalize this (other than the one from 2008 which was originally proposed, but never passed due to conflicting interests.)

Aggressive and Passive Online Poker Playing Styles

Having the known-how in playing poker is very important. The fact that the online poker game has many players calls for each to understand the best style that will help him or her win. It is crucial to know whether you are better off as an aggressive player or as a passive player. This is only possible through understanding the clear meaning of aggressive and passive online poker playing styles.


Aggressive online poker playing style

This style involves making bets, raises and re-raise to apply maximum pressure to the opponent players. This is done when a strong premium hand is involved. The maximum pressure applied is one of the strategies used in trying to increase the chances of the opponent making mistakes. It is used in forcing the other player out of the pot. The more the pressure applied the less the chance of the opponent seeing showdowns or making bets. Good place to try those kind of tactics is Unibet, a player can choose how to play and see if it works for him.

The one motive behind an aggressive player is winning and winning regardless of the mechanism or strategy to use. By using the aggressive tactics and giving the opponent no chance at all, he or she stands a chance to make the pot. The best thing about the aggressive style is that it is highly unpredictable and thus it becomes impossible for the opponent to read the next possible move. Using the aggressive style the leading player gets the upper hand in winning.


Passive online poker playing style

This style involves fewer raises and bets, if any. The strategy used in passive online poker involves checking and calling without raising or betting. It is more timid and mostly the beginners with less experience go for this style.


Unlike the aggressive style where the player is focused on frustrating their opponents, with the passive style, the player lets the opponent take the upper hand. They only wait for the best hands to appear thus increasing the winning chances of their opponents. With this style, the winning chance of a player comes after they witness a poor move from their opponents. 




Statistics suggest that on average a player will earn five big blinds for every 100 hands played which is one of the reasons why poker multi-tabling has become so popular during the last couple of years. In this article, we’ll take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of online multi-tabling and give you a detailed insight into the best way to multi-table in order to retain your edge and maximise your wins.

Before you start multi-tabling you must be confident in your strategy and implement it across all the games that you participate in. If you are a loose competitor, stick to this style and conversely, if you adopt an aggressive approach, make sure that you don’t hold back even when you’re under pressure. Value betting is also very important and you can pick out some tips on the best way to earn value with your hand pokertruth earning-value-on-hands-players-and-board-textures/ In multi-tabling, skill generally prevails because the variance factor is diminished overtime due to the amount of hands you will play. The more hands you play, the more your expected value is likely to be realised and the more profit you will earn.

When you have selected the amount of games you want to participate in, it’s a good idea to use gaming software to help you. Most poker analysis tools come with a ‘Heads Up Display’ which will track and note vital information about your opponents while you play which can help you make quicker and more informed decisions.

However, online poker is fast paced game that requires you to make near instant decisions. Playing more than one table simultaneously means you have to make those decisions even faster which can sometimes result in confusion and poor decision making. In this instance, re-asses the number of tables you are playing until you feel comfortable.

Playing on a large number of tables can also diminish your focus, leaving you clicking your mouse like a robot. This happens when there are simply too many decisions to make and you are struggling to keep up, so you take mental shortcuts in your mind. Going through the motions restricts your poker education because you are not learning anything new so keep composed and engaged at all times.

Multi-tabling isn’t for everyone so be careful before you decide to take it on because you could end up losing a lot more than you win. However, if you can master the drama and flurry of hand after hand being dealt, multi-tabling can lead to substantial rewards.

Texas Hold’em is one of the most beloved Poker games with roots tracing back to as far as the early 1900s. As the name suggests it was born in Texas and was even cited in the Texas State Legislature. The game spread like wildfire and was introduced to Vegas by Texans in the 1960s. Within just two decades it became a standard at US casinos and eventually an international hit after its televised debut at the World Series of Poker. Today, it is a staple for all online Poker rooms.

William Hill Poker is one of the few online casinos to offer a fully loaded Texas Hold’em playing field. Not only is it the brand’s official game, but it is offered in limit, pot limit and no limit variants. Blinds range from as little as $0.01 to as much as $600, so players with any kind of bankroll are able to enjoy it. There are more than a dozen guaranteed prize tournaments to get involved in all offering Texas Hold’em, as well as a smorgasbord of promotions all compatible with this Poker favourite.

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